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Cybersecurity Profits Are Hiding in the Shadows

I was really stuffed for time, and my "big pipe" data connection at home seemed like it had all the bandwidth of a straw. What was going on?

Ah, the hell with it, I thought. I called my colleague, who was waiting for me to email an important file.

"Hey, my connection's a little slow. I'll send you the link via Google Docs, and you can upload the file yourself."

Little did I know that I was about to commit an act of potential corporate sabotage.

It's called "shadow IT" - and it's a key reason why cybersecurity companies will keep growing for years to come...

Dark Clouds Ahead

Using an innocuous cloud service like Google Docs is just one example.

What if you regularly bring your own personal tablet to work to do company business? Or maybe you're plugging in a little thumb drive into your workstation's USB port to informally transfer files in and out of your office network?

Or in a large business, someone forgets to tell the IT depart…

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